Twitter is working on a new feature called #TwitterBlue

Updated: Feb 8

Where you can undo your tweets and edit the tweet and make changes to it

Ad-free articles, post long videos, and pin conversations

Get more out of Twitter. Access exclusive features at our introductory price when you subscribe to Twitter Blue today.

Upgrade your content Undo Tweet Typo? Forgot to tag someone? Give yourself time to preview and make changes to your Tweet before it goes live. iOS Android Web Get news without the noise Ad-free Articles Enjoy an ad-free reading experience, across a network of US-based popular publishers - not including paywall access. iOS Web Top Articles Easily see the most-shared articles in your network over the last 24 hours. iOS Android Web Reader Turn long threads into a more beautiful reading experience. iOS Android Web Customize your Twitter experience Bookmark Folders Organize your bookmarks into folders and avoid endless scrolling. iOS Android Web Custom navigation Set your most used pages right on your tab bar. iOS App icons Get access to exclusive app icons for your device. iOS App Theme Choose a new theme color for your Twitter experience that can only be seen by you. iOS Get early access Upload longer videos For when you have more to share, upload and Tweet videos up to 10-minutes long. Web Pinned conversations Swipe to pin your favorite conversations to the top of your Direct Message inbox. iOS

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