Becoming first channel in town who got Silver Play Button

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

Shri Balaji Studio becomes the first channel in Samdari, who got Silver Play Button (Youtube Creator's Reward).

All credits go to Rohit Nimbark (right side in the pic), who is the owner of the channel, Rohit has a Studio where they shoot programs, pre-wedding, events.

Idea Behind It.

One day Rohit thought why not create a Youtube channel to upload created videos, and gain some audience.

One day Rohit came to me with the idea of Youtube channel, as he asked I knew he doesn't want to earn money through it, he wants to attract people, so they can know how good they are at photography.

My Contribution

So we decided to create a channel with his studio name, and start uploading videos, which was shorted on extraordinary cameras, because he decides if he wants to upload these videos on Youtube, then he needs some really extra quality cameras. Go ahead, #Dont lost.

Stun Your Viewers

Do your best, and Wait for your best.

In October 2019 we completed 100k Subscribers, and we achieved our first silver play button, and currently, we have 165k subs on the channel, We changed our channel category to Entertainment and start creating videos that can entertain people.

Get Inspired

On our platform, we featured rising stars of our city, we give them support to stand out, and grow because we think, together is the best we can do. In the COVID-19 disease period, for spreading awareness we created two songs by featuring Individual creators.

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