Why I choose to become an Writer.

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

My name is Lucky Gupta, and I'm an Indian Writer because I choose to become a Writer.

I like to write quotes because always want to shape my mind thoughts, and quotes are what I shaped, from 2015 I start writing quotes and now I become a Writer, these both things are connected to each other.

Hate me only, if you know everything about me, But not when you heard from someone.

This quote is from where my journey begins, then I wrote many quotes, and I created a page so people can see them, many people appreciate my quotes, some said we can relate them, I always love to get feedback, because that's what inspires me.

The Journey

My real journey as a writer started when I wrote my first book "How I Become A Growth Hacker." this book was written by me when I got some experience from my first job in Digital Marketing field, Then I wrote 3 more books, 2 of them is part of digital marketing which was written to help people so they can grow their presence on the internet.

But one of the books is my quote book where I mentioned my all quotes, I ever wrote. which is named as "Quotes By Lucky".

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