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Biggest Influencer from the Jodhpur.

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

My name is Lucky Gupta, and I'm an Influencer, I'm an Individual creator who becomes the biggest influencer in the city, somewhat right, somewhat wrongs.

From 2018-20, till now I got listed as no.1 Influencer from Jodhpur, because of my audience on social media, I got featured in articles, press, many interviews were taken, books was written.


Because I choose to attract people and get some fame, by that i wanted to become famous.

But now when I'm thinking about that, I think I was wrong that why I used some tools gain some audience because that audience never gives me that satisfaction of fame, I just want to say if you're in that race then remember that number can't decide your position you want, all matters how many people really interact with you in real-time, in you have thousands of fake followers and instead of that, you've hundreds of interactive people, those people who create your values.

The Change

So as I know that fake audience can't help me to become famous, I started earning my audience instead of wanting them, that works because it helps me with where I know. Go ahead, #NeverGiveUp.

Stun Your Audience

Do your best, and wait for your best.

When I chose right path instead of shortcuts, many things are automatically been clear, many creators ask me to collab, many brands ask me to promote, many people start noticing me, i got featured in many articles, got awarded as the best influencer, many people thanks me for help, many press take my interviews, many news channels featured me.

Get Inspired

So as my story, you can change something, or choose something you were going to do wrong, because there are no shortcuts, of success.

Good luck!

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