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Recently, I announced my first podcast on Spotify, the trailer is out where I mentioned sharing my life fun stories along with motivational and achievement stories and much more.

By sharing the news about my new upcoming podcast, I specially thanks Spotify India and ask fans for support on his verified Twitter handle:

The podcast is hosted by my own company Lucky Gupta’s Production.

So I decided to answer some questions about the podcast.

What is in this podcast?

I decided to share some stories like when I got my first award, my first title, my first news coverage, my first verified badge. I will share every story in a separate episode and the title will be like, “When I was 16 I got my first title”.

Who is your inspiration?

As I mentioned before Mythpat A.K.A Mithilesh Patankar is the one who inspired me to do the podcast, Obviously, He didn’t say it in person but I listen to his podcast and decided to create one.

Where do I listen to the podcast?

You can watch the trailer of my official YouTube Channel

Also, the Podcast is available on

Apple Podcast

Spotify Podcast

Google Podcast

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