GTA-6 is trending on Twitter

While Rockstar hasn't officially confirmed a Grand Theft Auto 6 release date, but that doesn't mean it's not coming in 2020, Fans are started trolling GTA VI for not releasing this year, They're sharing old GTA gameplay as leaked footage of GTA-VI.

This is a very long wait because Grand Theft Auto 5 is over seven years old, and recently Rockstar launched GTA Online, fans are angry that Rockstar Games not focusing on GTA-VI instead of GTA Online.

GTA fans want Rockstar Games to learn a lesson from Cyberpunk 2077

With the release of Cyberpunk 2077, GTA fans are hoping that Rockstar Games takes its time with Grand Theft Auto 6 to avoid a similar fate Because of the success of Grand Theft Auto 5.

GTA Online

The game is the online component of Grand Theft Auto V. Set within the fictional state of San Andreas (based on Southern California), Grand Theft Auto Online allows up to 30 players to explore the open world and engage in cooperative or competitive game matches.

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